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According to the Islamic law, the food products that are believed fair to eat can seek HALAL certification. The HALAL trust is non government organization. HALAL certification is provided for the manufacturing units of processed food and hotels, hospitals, slaughter houses and restaurants.

Samrat associations have the expert and experienced staff that is coming from varied fields of industries. We also provide complete guideline for the HALAL Certification. This certification is important for catering companies, food chains, hostels and canteens.


It is also granted to the products like cosmetics. The HALAL certification also involved processing of the food products, packaging of the products and storage of the products. To deal with such significant certification, we possess experienced persons from the same field. To get this certificate, we provide perfect information and training.

HALAL certificate is also offered to product ingredients, dairy products, processed food, product additives and nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical products.

  • It ensures for quality
  • Increase understanding
  • It provides global acceptance of the product
  • Confirms appropriate edibility
  • Help to export in Muslim country
  • Reduce wastage
  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance understanding of hygiene

Increase observance of responsibility among staff