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AIB is the acronym for American institute of banking. It is a reputed certification for food safety certification. AIB international certification cover ups technical services. It shows the way to fulfill the procedure with highly systematic way of production. It is better way to accomplish production with professional way.

In order to follow accurately the international standards for food safety along with all technical criteria, AIB Certifications conduct food safety program. It also accomplishes inspection and audit with accurate manner by keeping in the consideration, the benefits of customer.


Clever survey of technical aspects of systems is carried out for confirmation of GMP standard. The certification is provided after implement of properly designed program for food safety.

  • We offer perfect food safety program to cover up all technical aspects of production process.
  • Conduct inspection to check out guidelines of AIB certification
  • Al factors checked as per GMP model.
  • It helps to improve image of an organization
  • Increase reliability about the product