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Behavioral training is a one kind of training program held by experienced and qualified personnel. We, at samrat associates possess qualified team of professionals who belongs to variety of fields. With best team of intellectual personalities, we envelope and held entire factors of behavior training.

Behavioral training helps to improve one’s personality and help him or her to communicate well with others. It takes a drastic change in ones behavior and makes him or her able to express the things with better way. All issues regarding their performance are counsel finely to get productive result.

5S Training


5 S training is designed as per original Japanese system. It is particular Japanese method that helps in making perfection of management regarding all issues of production. Main focus of this training program is to keep workplace well organized with all manageable functions.

5 S is derived from five words, taken from Japanese language.

  • Seiri
  • Shitsuke
  • Seiton
  • Seiso
  • Seiketsu

Each word describes different understanding with efficient action plan. It demonstrate entire administration route with proper practice. If it translated to English, the words are sort, sustain, standardization, sweep and straighten.

First letter of five words are taken and collectively called 5 S training. Each word proficiently states the theory of housekeeping with higher standard of hygiene. It is also dominantly agreed for appropriate disposal of unwanted paraphernalia. By avoiding redundant things we can achieve our target of well managed work place with total elimination of each hindrance.

Soft Skills Training


Samrat association is a leading firm offering brainy and intelligent services for various certifications and held knowledgeable training upon varied critiques. With help of qualified personnel, we offer cost-effective soft skills training. These training sessions includes group decision making and leadership.

It is the best way to polish the qualities of an individual to derive its practical output. it also includes communication and team work. According to the modern business world, there are no boundaries for the trade chore.

Criteria about business are changed and it’s going to became global. Internet, being highly impressive media for such globalization, business as well as people tends to closer that haven’t before. They interact with each other via internet.

Considering all these factors, we have designed a perfect program to develop the skills of an individual with smart execution of planned map. It helps to enhance the skill of negotiation and communication. It also covers all about etiquettes and other value aided behavioral aspects.

Team Work Training


As being global leader of ISO certification, we offer efficient services for international certification. We also offer quality management training with unique teaching program. Our well planned programs are held by knowledgeable professionals. Our team work training develops next level skills with impressive experience.

An individual learns lots of sophistication during the training. It is all practical based programs that may implemented with best way in his or her practical life. One can get benefit of international level team work training program at his or her own place.

Ohsas Training


Samrat associates is a leading firm providing highly economic services for international certification. Our team of experienced experts from the industry belongs to health care, efficiently apprehended inspection to offer perfect solutions to get certification. Years of experience of our team members has made the procedure simple and fast.

OHSAS is the standards about the products and services that belong to food and safety. It is an occupational health and safety standards. It is designed by world’s leading professionals and specialists for such kinds of certifications. OHSAS is a perfect guideline about the safety and health.

It significantly showcases risk factors and offer activity structure to eliminate or reduce all risk factors. It is useful to manage such risk factors to implement efficient methods for better productivity along with minimize entire risk factors. the reference documents are needed to fulfill the certification process as per global standard.

  • It develops awareness about the safety system
  • It fix and manage risk factors about health and safety
  • Helpful to make perfect plan for health and safety
  • Create favorable environment for policy implementation at work place
  • Useful to implement latest policy
  • Help to improve performance regarding safety and health

HACCP Training


HACCP is acronym for hazard analysis and critical control point system. It is necessarily design to develop better system for safety regarding health. Name of the certification shows the application area and function of itself.

Our team possesses experts having long experience of related fields.

So they can perfectly judge the situations and can guide proper accordingly.It is an efficient system of collected guidelines to remove hazards from the varied industrial procedures.

It is an essential system of checking and testing to make the procedure safe with respect to health. HACCP certification is quite benefited to producers of the products of food chains. It is an efficient tool to make assure the consumer about the safety of the products. it assure for the safe consumption of the products.

  • It is useful to make perfect outline of essential points regarding safety
  • It designs the plan of further activities for process
  • It also guides for the operational hygiene of the product
  • It offers step wise actions for the improvement
  • It is time saving guideline that also increases productivity with least waste
  • Develop awareness about the novel system

Corporate Training


We held very supportive corporate training with very effective manner. The sessions of training are held by industry leaders. It cover ups so many topics to develop the skills of an individual for better business understanding. Our training certainly enhances and upgrades the dexterity and talent.

It evaluates the ability and expertise of an individual.

Corporate training includes special modus operandi and approaches to set one’s mind set with progressive endeavor. It is the right system to improve the personality of an individual.

  • It sharpens the edge of individual’s original skill
  • Make refreshed the existing acquaintance
  • It includes best management training
  • Provide proper practical training with good corporate environment
  • It also includes best audiovisual elements for proper understanding of criteria

Lean Management Training


We have gain wide response to our lean management training program. We held this program with the help of leading personalities coming from varied industrial sectors. We have received so many best reviews about our lean management training.

It is a training program based on Japanese system called lean manufacturing. It is designed to offer big advantages to end users. It is a perfectly designed, worldwide accepted training program that scrutinizes all resources to lessen or eliminate the overburden of the task.

It is clear cut points about value based procedure. It is proper understanding of utilization of all available resources to obtain maximum, possible productivity.

  • It describes constant improvement
  • Easy methods of production
  • Minimization of waste
  • Maximization of utilization of available resources
  • System implementation with progressive thought
  • Continuous upgrading